Offering advice & support in the UK to trans-identified, genderqueer & intersex young people (14-24 years) exploring their biological sex, gender or gender identity and to their families & significant others.



Rodina Prince



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Come to the Edge.
"But, We're afraid."
Come to the Edge!
"But, We may fall."
COME to the EDGE!
 And, They learned to Fly..



By Aoife


Age 16


Each time I look into a mirror,
I see a face look back at me.
Sometimes it's the face of a girl,
And sometimes it's a boy.
Each face shows its sadness,
Each one shows its pain.
Both of them have their sorrow,
But one has room for Joy.
I know some day that I must choose a face,
And live with it forever more.
But which one can joy live in?
Which one can I scorn?.
(Courtesy of Mermaids)

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